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Caderno especial do Correio celebra 153 anos de CG com histórias e curiosidades

special-mail-notebook-celebrates-153-years-of-cg-with-stories-and-curiositiesThe city of Campina Grande will make 153 years of political emancipation this Wednesday (11) and the newspaper CORREIO DA PARAÍBA has  prepared a special edition. In celebration of the city’s anniversary,  CORREIO  brings to the reader stories of important characters, the main places and postcards of the Queen of Borborema and historical moments and curiosities of the second largest city of Paraíba.

Among the main places, CORREIO  brings, for example, the history of Açude Novo and Açude Velho, as well as the Central Fair of Campina Grande, which has been officially recognized as a Cultural and Immaterial Heritage of Brazil . The Campina Grande Fair is also a place of reference, creation, expression, sociability and identity of the people of the Northeast.

The edition will also enable the reader to take a tour of the city’s history, such as the 1958 plane crash in which 13 people were killed and dozens injured.

The CORREIO still tells the story of important personages of the city like the singer Biliu de Campina. Run for the pews to get your special edition now!

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