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Ônibus escolar é alvo de arrastão em cidade do Agreste paraibano

A school bus was targeted by a trawler on Tuesday night in the town of Sertãozinho, which is 76 kilometers from Joao Pessoa. Four suspects fired shots at the vehicle before stealing cell phones and personal belongings from the victims.

According to the Integrated Center for Police Operations (CIOP), the bus driver arrived at the Sertãozinho police station around 11:05 pm to report what happened. According to the victim, when the vehicle was traveling through the Muscat site in the rural area of ​​the municipality, four men on two motorcycles boarded the bus firing shots at the windshield. The defendants entered the vehicle and stole students’ cell phones and the driver’s license.

Military Police guards made searches in the area, but until the closure of this report no suspect had been arrested. Still according to Ciop, the investigations will continue.

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