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Mãe é presa suspeita de matar o filho de dois meses, em João Pessoa

Segundo o delegado Carlos Othon, inicialmente, a suspeita disse que não sabia os motivos para a morte do filho, mas, em depoimento, acabou confessando que deixou a criança cair enquanto dormia


She was arrested for manslaughter, late Monday morning (30), a 30-year-old woman suspected of killing her own son, at two-month-old baby, at dawn this Monday in the neighborhood Alto do Céu, North Zone of João Pessoa.

The baby was found dead this morning by the parents themselves, who activated the Samu, but when the medical team arrived the place was already dead. With this, the Civil Police was called to investigate the case.

According to Detective Carlos Othon of the Capital Homicide Police, the suspect initially said that he did not know the reasons for his son’s death, but, in testimony, I ended up confessing that I let the child fall while I slept.

“Initially she maintained that she did not know why she was died, but then I talked to her and she ended up confessing. She told us that she drank at the residence of an acquaintance and that she came home late and tired, going to sleep with the baby.At about 2 o’clock the child woke up hungry and she suckled at the edge of the bed.However , she fell asleep and the baby fell headfirst on the floor, not resisting and dying, “said the delegate.

In prison, the woman has paid bail and will respond for the crime in freedom. Still according to the delegate, she was indicted for manslaughter for having acted negligently.

“It was not a planned death, it was premeditated, it was a negligence. She was suffering from the loss of her child and I called for bail. Now, we will wait for the result of the child’s expertise and necropsy to know the version “concluded the delegate.”

The result of the necropsy that will confirm the cause of the child’s death should be disclosed within 15 days.

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